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Here are the Few Questions we Got From some Patients:

  1. How can you live the healthiest life?
  2. Do you live longer if you work out?
  3. What is the best way to live longer?
  4. How can I live a healthy life?

So,We Asked over Doctor What can Increase Over Life Expectancy On Earth?

A Simple Answer From the Doctor Desk

Which May Not Shock You Don’t Forget to Breathe! Jest Joking.

Taking A Deep Breath we know over daily task we rush to it but we don’t know is that we take in less and give less out behalf of talking more in Giving more out In this century most of the population is less unlikely have more chances of heart attack or sugar due to less taking in leaving out is making Heart vessels and air tubes to stay still then the expansion or chance of growth.


More Taking in and Out making your walls expand more blood flow this helps in decreasing of insulin to the body, Due to big walls There is less blockage too.

Have You  Ever Seen a Monks In China Get Heart Attack or Sugar Because most of their time is to meditate, prayers or Take rest this makes there live long but in this century we can’t jest sit at home we are runners so when you are in house watching T.v Or You are In Local Train or While you are sleeping or eating Try to Take deep breath for 5 min this helps you to Make Your lungs inherit taking long breath that will slowly increase your way of taking in More Air.

Over Doctors are always here They are to Bored So they Love to answer your questions,

Feel Free to Drop your comments Below and Few Of Your Questions We Will Get Back answers from over Doctors From Doctors Desk.


Take A Deep Breath While Shopping Too.

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